Undertaking An Exploration of the Trivium

I have decided that I am going to undertake an exploration of the trivium.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are relatively few great sources for people looking to self-teach the trivium.

I have acquired a copy of The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric (Amazon affiliate link), which should help with pursuing this goal.

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Reflections on a Dream

Last night I was woken by a terrible dream.

I was in a hospital, or a hotel, or a care-home for the elderly. In truth, it was a mixture of all three. My companion, a young woman, had fallen into some medical distress and needed care.

The doctor struck me as being one of two possible things.

In one case, he was pretentious, but a masterful doctor. Limited by his own demons, he would care for my companion adequately, but without regard for what I needed or the comfort of his patient.

In the other case, he was a bungler and a fool with a mask of confidence. Not only was he a danger and a threat, but he would bring misery and death upon my companion.

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The New Site and New Plans

People familiar with my blog at this domain will notice that the site’s been replaced by an entirely new site, which includes the complete erasure of all past posts.

This wasn’t entirely on purpose. I’d had some issues with the several year old WordPress installation that had been occupying this space, and one of my efforts to fix it seems to have caused the database to get deleted during the updating/transferring process.

Fortunately, everything on the site before the posts I made in January should still be available if you direct the Wayback Machine to blog.homoeoteleuton.com. The posts I made in January (and most of my recent posts from the last couple years) all synced over to my profile on PeakD, so everything’s still available if you’re willing to sort through a couple posts I didn’t think were worth putting up on the blog directly.

This revamp and relaunch has been a long time coming, and the changes should enable me to do some things that were not possible with my previous setup.

Because of my MFA, setting up my author blog, working on a new game, and life situations, I hadn’t been posting stuff here for a while in any case.

I’m reserving this blog more for random stuff, reviews, and musings that don’t fit my brand as a writer. If you want my advice on writing, check out kwilleywrites.com, and if you want to follow my work on games check out the PeakD profile I use for that.


You might notice that this site’s not running on HTTPS (yet). This is one reason I had to relaunch the site, because some feature or another of the old system wasn’t working for it and it was causing serious issues.

I’m going to take a couple days off touching website hosting back-end stuff before getting that sorted, but by the time you read this there probably won’t be any reason to worry about this.

Another question is what to do with some of my evergreen content.

I’ve concluded that I am a sufficiently better writer now than I was for most of the posts on the old blog. I will not replicate it, and I’m probably not going to port over any of my personal project stuff, which has either gotten its own brand (e.g. Loreshaper Games) or is years out of date.

However, there is a set of content that was both my highest accessed material and topically relevant, which was my breakdown of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. The follow-up book, Beyond Order, released today, and over the next couple weeks I’m going to do a similar breakdown of that book and revisit the original with new thoughts and commentary.